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20 September
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Hello to all the crazy people out there who are viewing this. You can call me Jesse, if you so wish, if my screen name is too confusing for you.

Okay, just to get this out there: I am a hockey fan. And yes, I am a girl. Got a problem with that? My team, in all their wonderous glory, is the Phoenix Coyotes. (smirks and does a coyote howl) And guess what? They just got into the Stanley Cup playoffs this year, just like they did last year. YOU GO GUYS!!! GET THE STANLEY CUP!!! I also like the Detroit Redwings, due to my dad's influence. He's from Michigan, so we root for both teams when they're not playing each other. However, Coyotes vs Redwings game? Coyotes all the way.

I am a college student, currently attending a university in the state that I live in. I am also a Drawing major, with the hopes of one day working for Disney, or Pixar if I can swing it.

My hobbies, asides from what is listed, include writing fanfiction, as well as original fiction. Hey, it helps keep me reasonably sane, so don't knock it.